Welcome to my world of cosmos!!


Hello!! My name is Tetsuro Tanabe, Artist and CEO of NPO Studio Cosmos Corporation.  I’m writing to promote a project called “Go Together” we have created mainly for children. Children of all ages are welcome.  Each child can participate in the project by submitting their own original artwork on a 6X6 inch paper.  Each child draws their own unique imaginative impressions of outer space.  We then join together all of the artworks to create one giant mural of the universe with the goal of seeing how large of an artwork we can create with everyone involved.  We are aiming to complete this project by 2021.

To join in on this adventure, let's do this together.

Please prepare a  6X6 inch paper.
Use your imagination to create a picture of your outer space.  You can draw whatever you’d like, just have fun!!
(Please write your name at the bottom of your painting.)
After you are finished.  Take a picture of your artwork and email us at tetsuro@studiocosmos.org
All submitted artworks and information are displayed at studiocosmos.org.  I look forward to seeing all of your amazing visions of space soon!!  Thank you!!

Project "Go Together" present information

Participants as of today = 824
Now we are at 0.078 miles / 0.125 km

Distance around the Earth is about
40,000 km / 24,855 miles

Project 2: Hand-in-Hand: An Around the World Campaign to Prevent Global Warming

Dear friends! Our great, beautiful home “Planet Earth” is facing a BIG problem called global warming. Not only does global warming cause many natural disasters, but also brings a great deal of damage to places all around the world.
One of the main causes of this is carbon dioxide emissions – too much carbon dioxide gas causing heat to get trapped in our atmosphere causing the temperature to rise.  That carbon dioxide comes from our lives through cars, planes, and many other machines.
Unless the world unites together to start preventing global warming, it’s going to be very difficult to fight it!  Global warming will be a heavy burden for us and everyone in the future, so with this project we believe it is important for each of us to deepen our awareness of the problem of global warming.
In this project, we will use the same artworks submitted for Project “Go Together”, so whoever submitted an artwork for “Go Together” can automatically participate in Project 2.  This time, the goal is to link the artworks side-by-side horizontally so they connect all the way around the globe!!

Microfilm Space Adventure Project

After we finish project “Go Together”, our plan is once our mission here on earth is complete, we’ll scan everyone’s drawing onto a microfilm and try to send them out in a capsule off to outer space.  Who knows, another alien life out there in space just might find the capsules and discover your artwork!!